Face Elixir 100g

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Naturally bright skin thats smooth, healthy with a glow? Renewed and rejuvenated skin yes? Introducing all that’s naturally yours…..

Organic Secrets Face Elixir!

☘️Sea Buckthorn oil
☘️Rose hip oil
☘️Jojoba oil
☘️Marine Collagen
☘️Vegetable Glycerin

?Repair damaged skin
?Reduce wrinkles
?Protection from the sun
?Reduce acne
?Control skin sebum
?Anti aging
?Reduce scars and pigmentation
?Tones skin
?Balances oily skin
?Nourishes dry skin.

☘️The face elixir is made with the most sensitive of essential oils and is excellent for the skins natural luminosity and smoothness.

☘️It shows us why nature is the best healer! Its luminous color and almost none fragrant makes it supple and soft for your skin!!!!!

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