Have you ever taken time to think about footsteps? To really think about how one small step may seem small but in real sense its one step forward, one step onward, one step closer to where you need to be? A step closer to achieving your set goal?
☘️Organic Secrets began with one small step and despite the fact that it was a step into a world unknown that step was still taken….and here we are today!!!!
☘️We are happily walking into a new venture with the same roots strong into the foundational ground of who we are! We believe in growing natural hair and in taking pride in our natural skin color! So what does this have to do with footsteps?
☘️A little girls best friend is a doll. Look all around you and all you see is blonde hair and blue eyes. We have over 500 mothers using our products to give little girls smiles as they grow their kinky curls! We want those girls to see and love dolls that look just like them! #KinkyCurls #LovingYou #FootstepsOfEthnicity

What do you think?