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Personal Story

My hair never grew beyond my shoulders and yet I am a person of mixed race. What I got to realise is that hair growth is more than just genetics and just using one product hoping for change while constantly practicing hair habits like continuous blow drying. A regimen needed to be in place and its that regimen that turned my hair from shoulder length to waist length! It is this discovery that led to a passion to see every woman embrace the beauty of natural hair while having it growing and manageable!

I also suffered years of teenage and adult acne and the scars went beyond the surface. It greatly affected my self-esteem and I turned that into a desire to soar in my career so the pimpled face could stand above and beyond and on international stages as a public health specialist.

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I finally found solutions for myself and decided to share them with the world thus starting the skin care range of organic products!

Today we stand proud having helped over 700 women embrace their African hair and learn to grow and maintain it! We have helped adult women fight acne and pimples and teenagers re-write their self-esteem by improving their skin! We don’t just improve your hair and skin, we help you love the story that is your life and help you embrace who you are-naturally!

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