Bioxsine Forte Herbal Shampoo

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*Benefits & Features of Bioxsine Forte shampoo*
  1. Helps prevent hair loss and encourages growth of new hair.
  2. The vitamins and minerals in Bioxsine Shampoo deeply nourish the hair, leaving it strong and healthy.
  3. Clinically tested.
  4. Supports the growth of new stronger hair.
  5. Gentle on sensitive scalp.
  6. Does not cause allergic reactions or irritation.
  7. Contains no colouring agents.
  8. Maintains and encourages growth of stronger new hair.
  9. Volumises and brightens hair, making it easier to comb and feel thicker.
  10. Β It also prevents dandruff and its reformation
  11. No Side Effects

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